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ADAM: The Cool Kid Just Showed Up

Posted by Advantix on Jun 29, 2016 10:19:09 PM

Advantix continues to grow as they launch their new, fully comprehensive CorporatePerformance Management Platform known as ADAM™.

In keeping with their commitment to introduce innovative solutions to the market, Advantix is excited to launch their new data analytics platform, ADAM™. ADAM™ was predicated on the idea that complex information could be made simple and beautiful.  The Advantix CPM platform provides insight, clarity, and simplicity to drive smarter, more informed business decisions in today’s data-driven culture.  

ADAM™ is equipped with tools designed to empower users with robust data analysis and forecasting capabilities resulting in better management of corporate performance and expense control.  “Utilizing interactive dashboard modules, geospatial data presentment, targeted user-generated reporting, and a limitless capacity for data management, ADAM™ is able to meet and exceed the needs of companies operating in virtually any industry,” said Dorean Flowers, the architect behind ADAM’s development. ADAM™ is also accessible in the cloud giving you the freedom to log on whenever or wherever.

“Any data can be analyzed with this platform,” said Matt Milhauser, VP of Strategy & Innovation. “We traditionally developed ADAM™ to support our core mobility and telecom services, but as we progressed, we quickly realized that this solution can be matched with any data company wide. With the combination of tools addressing historical data trending and predictive analytics, ADAM™ has thepotential to break away from the competition and lead the charge for business innovation.”

Advantix will be hosting a webcast on ADAM Wednesday April 29th at 10:00 AM CDT. All attendees will receive 50% off the ADAM™ implementation fee or their first month free on an annual ADAM™ service contract. For more information about ADAM™, visit our page.

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